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Laura Ingalls Wilder
February 18 & 19, 2003
10 AM & 12 AM

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This musical version of one of America's most popular stories takes us back in time to nineteenth century "wild west" where the Ingalls family is traveling in a covered wagon in search of the perfect settlement town. Laura and her sister Mary are very different. Mary loves to read and study, and dreams of becoming a teacher when she is older, while Laura loves to fish and catch gophers, and wants to travel on with Pa forever. Follow the Ingalls family across the prairie as they build new homes, fight illness, welcome a new baby sister, and confound the mean Nellie Owens. As the girls grow older, Mary becomes blind from illness but is still determined to become a teacher, and Laura discovers that reading, writing, and teaching aren't so bad. Discover how the Ingalls family uses their pioneering spirit to overcome obstacles and stay the course. (Recommended for K-8.)

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