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Dream Picture and Poem by Cortney McKibben

This is a picture of my dream.
I am flying with the wind.
I feel like I am floating.
I look very blurry, like the wind.
I was over a boy's house.
I had a dream like this.

I took this picture at his basketball court.
There are two houses in the background.
There is an artificial squirrel on the mailbox.
This picture looks like a picture on TV.

I hear a car coming down the street.
I smell smoke.
It looks like I am flying through the air.
This picture makes me feel strange.
I don't look like this.

Future Focus is currently in four Hamilton County schools. The participating schools join the AEC in developing a nine-week, hands-on program using photography as a means of developing and enhancing a student's writing skills. Each photographic assignment is accompanied by a "brain drain" (writing assignment).

Participating Schools are Calvin Donaldson Elementary, Chattanooga Middle School, White Oak Elementary and North Hamilton County Elementary.



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