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The Color of Justice
March 12, 2022
10 AM and 12 PM







This play describes the landmark 1954 case of Brown v. Board of Education, in which Thurgood Marshall (the first African-American appointed to the Supreme Court) and the NAACP challenged school segregation on behalf of the Brown family of Kansas. An adaptation of actual facts, the Color of Justice story focuses on young Linda Brown, who would rather go to the closer "all-white" school instead of walking all the way through the railroad yard to the "colored" school. Linda wonders why she and her classmates have to write thank you letters to the white students for their hand-me-down books and supplies. The play follows Linda's family, Marshall, and the NAACP on a case which, by disproving the doctrine of "separate but equal," became a catalyst in the civil rights movement. (Recommended for grades middle and high.)

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