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1999 Schedule

Sept. 3-9 

 Director: Wim Wenders/Cuba/USA

 "Wim Wenders' exhilarating documentary become convinced that making music is a key to longevity and spiritual well-being."-Janet Maslin, NY Times 

This heartfelt documentary mixes glimpses of urban life in contemporary Cuba with concert performances of Buena Vista Social Club, whose principal musicians come from Cuba's pre-revolutionary old guard. Most aged 70 to 90+, they had been forgotten. Vocalist Ibrahim Ferrer was shining shoes; guitarist Company Segundo rolled cigars. Stellar US musician and folk-ethnic Ry Cooder assembled the group for an album of 14 Cuban mambos, boleros and cha-chas which became an international phenomenon, selling more than a million copies. The film documents the resiliency and creativity of the human spirit, and offers an exceptional musical experience. 

Sept. 10-16 

Director: Tom Tykwer/German 

"It's dazzling, haywire and completely rewarding." -Wesley Morris, San Francisco Examiner 

Manni calls his girlfriend Lola and tells her that he has misplaced 100,000 Deutschmark (over $52,000) that he has to deliver to the mob. She has 20 minutes to come up with the money and deliver it or he will certainly be killed. She leaves her house and starts running and runs and runs. This visually arresting film, replete with technical tactics to tell a fast-paced story, segmented into three variations of Lola's run for the money. 


Director: Mike Figgis/United States

 "The Loss of Sexual Innocence" is built of memory and dreams...Not all of it works, but you play along, because it's rare to find a film this ambitious." -Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times 

An "art film" designed to trigger the viewer's sharing of memories (especially sexual) with the main character, played by Julian Sands in adult life. We see flashbacks to three stages of his life. The story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, beautifully photographed, parallels his memories. This unhappy filmmaker travels to Tunisia and encounters something he did not expect. 

Sept. 24-30 

Director: Tony Bui/Vietnam and USA 

"Elegant, emotionally rich and compassionate in ways that recall Renoir, Ozu and de Sica, it's a surprisingly thoughtful, confident work for a 26-year- old rookie." -Edward Guthman, San Francisco Chronicle 

The first American fiction film shot entirely in postwar Vietnam tells several stories, all set in modern-day Vietnam. One story centers on a girl who sells flowers in the city for the "Teacher"-unseen because he has never left the Temple. The second story focuses on an American (Harvey Keitel) who returns to Vietnam to search for his daughter and make some kind of peace. The third story features the relationship between a prostitute and a man who loves and respects her. "Three Seasons" captured the Grand Jury Prize, the Audience Award and cinematography honors at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival.  


  Oct. 1-7

Director: David Mamet/United Kingdom 

"The Winslow Boy" is photographed, with a deliberate debt to John Singer Sargent's composition and lighting...striking for its radiant beauty...(the film is) artfully staged, carefully balanced, and fresh as ever."-Janet Maslin, NY Times

In 1908, a Naval College cadet, 13, was dismissed on the charge of stealing a five-shilling postal order. His father's legal challenge to the Admiralty made the case a celebrated one. Terence Rattigan's 1946 play-the basis for David Mamet's deft-as-usual screenplay-mines the domestic, romantic and political turf to create an excellent Brit-toned heart tugger. Nigel Hawthorne as the righteous father and Jeremy Northam as the famous barrister bring balance and just the right sense of dignity to this winning study in subtly.

Oct. 8-14

Director: Erick Zonca/France

"The lovely French film 'Dreamlife of Angels' manages to warm hearts without numbing its heart, a mystery story about the forces that draw people together and, bit by bit, pry them apart."-Charles Taylor, Salon Magazine

This film focuses on the intense relationship between two "20-something" women--distinct opposites. One, an outgo-ing, free spirit; the other a shy introvert. They become inseparable friends, but eventually jealousy and bitterness seep between them. This study of the anatomy of a friend-ship offers a strong point of view and character dynamics. The leading actresses shared the best actress award at Cannes and many other prestigious awards. 

October 15-22

Director: Paul Quinn/Ireland/USA 

"In its heartfelt, slightly awkward way, (this film) means to be as evocative as the romantic old photograph that sets it in motion."-Janet Maslin, NY Times

"This Is My Father" follows a Chicago schoolteacher and his teen-age nephew back to their Irish homeland, where the latter strikes the fancy of a couple of schoolgirls. Written and directed by Paul Quinn with cinematography by brother, Declan ("Leaving Las Vegas" and "Vanya on 42nd Street") and featuring brother, Aidan as Kieran O'Day, much of the story is told flashing back to 1939. It focuses on the romance between pretty, impetuous 17-year-old Fiona Flynn (Moya) and O'Day, a shy orphaned farmer. The film casts some stellar Irish actors in cameo roles. All, especially Aidan Quinn, move through this story in quietly impassioned style. 

Oct. 22-29

Director: Eric Rohmer/France

" sublimely warming an experience as the autumn sun that shines benevolently on the vineyard owned by the film's central character, Magali (Beatrice Romand)."-Janet Maslin, NY Times

This romantic comedy is the final chapter of Rohmer's "Tales of Four Seasons". Magali is a widowed vineyard owner lonely for romance. Her best friend suggests a lonely hearts ad, but she refuses, places the ad and interviews the candidates. She surreptitiously arranges a meeting of the two at a party, but Magalis' son's girlfriend also plays matchmaker at the party. The result offers intelligent and insightful humor.


Oct. 30-Nov. 5 

 Nov. 6-12 

Nov. 13-19


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