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HGH or the human growth hormone has been around for quite a few years. It is considered by most as a wonder hormone. It has anti-aging properties, enhances memory, concentration and promotes overall mental well being. For years scientists have discovered how the brains capabilities tend to degenerate over time and with age. They have search for decades to try and find magic remedy that could perhaps reverse these negative effects of aging on humans, with little luck.

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Researchers have found that with age the levels of HGH decrease in the body. Studies conducted on mice proved that administering synthetic HGH hormones to older mice improved or enhanced their cognitive functioning.

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There are some myths that state that HGH is responsible for certain behavioural symptoms and depression. However, studies show that the regular administering of HGH actually reduced depression in children between the ages 5 and 16 years old.

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HGH does have several physical effects, which is why it is so widely sought after. Its muscle building capabilities are definitely number one on the list. The fact that it assists obese people in losing the excess weight is another reason that HGH gets brownie points. It is one of those supplements that people queue up at clinics to get month after month. So whether there are side effects or not, one thing is certain and that is the fact that the HGH really does deliver some potent effects, whether it be physical or mental.

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According to past studies, neurons do not have the capability of renewing themselves in adulthood. However, more recent research suggests that this may not be entirely true. Research shows that cognitive functions are related to the action of HGH on the brain cells. Therefore, cognitive ability, memory and overall mental well being is decidedly affected by the level of HGH in the brain.

HGH has been used in competitive sport for several years especially because if its performance enhancing attributes. However, lately it is illegal to use HGH UK if you are a competitive athlete in the United States. However, HGH can be prescribed by a doctor of pharmacist for other illness, but not for sport or competing. This is one of the rules in the sports industry.

HGH has various other benefits to the human body. Children and adults that are lacking in this hormone usually experience different symptoms. While children may experience a lack of concentration, stunted growth and development, adults experience lack of energy, vitality and in many cases a lack of sex drive. This could also be related to the lack of energy experienced by people who have low HGH levels. Either way, when you take the HGH supplement, you will notice a new found energy that you never knew you could experience. You will have the strength that you never had and you will also have the cognitive ability that has always eluded you. So take it with precaution and enjoy its benefits.