How And Where To Buy Anavar Tablets

Anavar is one of the most potent anabolic steroids when it comes to cutting and improving strength. Due to its mild and less occurring side effects, it is highly preferred by many beginners in the bodybuilding or athletics arena. With the right diet and exercise regimen, users have a chance to increase lean mass as well as reduce body fat. If you’ve decided to buy Anavar during your cycle, here is a low-down on how it works, dosage, where to buy as well as potential results

How it works

Anavar is highly anabolic in addition to possessing little androgenic properties. It being anabolic means that it has the ability to increase lean muscle mass and stuck up crazy strength. While most anabolic steroids are derivatives of testosterone, Anavar is friendlier for use by women. The mild androgenic properties can be tolerated by female bodybuilders and athletes who want to build their strength and get ripped. Anavar for sale therefore is suitable for all genders who want to use steroids that cuts body fat, boost strength and build muscles.


Knowing how to take Anavar means the difference between experiencing optimal results and suffering from undesirable results or side effects. While the dosage really depends on your cycle length and your end goals, it also factors in your tolerance levels and experience. Since Anavar has a relatively short half-life, it should be taken on a daily basis. The ideal dosage for men is a minimum of 20 mg and 120 mg on the higher end. Women on the other hand can tolerate up 40 mg a day though the ideal dosage per day is 10 mg. These are just but general dosage warnings from various bodybuilders so, never disregard the advice from your doctor.

Where to buy Anavar

If you’ve decided to buy Anavar, there are two options for you. For one, you may try the illegal black market or opt for online stores selling legal alternatives to Anavar. Another way which is less likely but possible is to ask a doctor to prescribe Anavar for you.

1. The Black Market

Most people choose to procure their illegal steroids from the black market through a person who engages in illegal trade. Anavar for sale that is bought through this channel involves going deep into the dark web or rather befriending a gym instructor or professional to hook you up with a supplier. With this option, you have to be cautious and find a reputable supplier.

2. Legal Alternative

While Anavar is highly potent and effective, it carries serious side effects. Anvarol on the other hand is the alternative form to Anavar UK. It is made with natural ingredients that mimic the properties of anabolic steroids and therefore it poses extremely low or no side effects at all. These class of legal steroids can be purchased from online drug stores without any prescription.

Results of using Anavar

The primary functions of Anavar is cut fat and improve strength. According to testimonials by its user, they experienced results just after two weeks with reduced body fat, more lean body and enhanced strength when lifting weights. Anavar is a great option when looking to improve your performance. So, plan your diet and exercise to suit your bulking or cutting cycle.