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Q&A;: The AEC Independent Film Series

by aec

With the Spring Independent Film Series right around the corner, we'd like to answer some of the most commonly-asked questions and solve a few mysteries about this long-running AEC program (such as, why the start date is still TBA!)

Q: How are films chosen?
A. An all-volunteer committee gathers at the AEC office approximately 6 weeks prior to each series. They bring research on the latest independent and foreign language films, along with community feedback, critics' reviews and release dates. The list is narrowed down to the Top 25 films, which is then submitted to Carmike Cinemas' booking department in Columbus, GA. Carmike then narrows the list down to the final 12 that will be featured in the series.

Q. What determines which films make the final cut?
A. Several factors determine Carmike's selection process, including a film's distribution, availability, format, and release date. Sometimes a film is already booked in Chattanooga, at either the Majestic or another theatre in the area.

Q. Why is the series date and schedule announced at the last minute?
A. Once the committee's top 25 is sent to Carmike, the process is in Carmike's hands. Some films are easier to book than others, and we might have confirmed films but no dates. We strive to communicate any news and updates as quickly and efficiently as possible. Facebook and Twitter have made it easier to get news out as soon as it's available, and we also utilize our email list and website.

Q. What is the purpose of the AEC Film Club Card?
A. The AEC Film Card supports the series by serving as its only source of revenue. It is widely perceived that AEC receives part of all of the ticket revenue from the movie-goers, but that is not the case. Instead, 100% of the proceeds from the $15 Film Club card benefits the film series, and the purchaser benefits from discounts on movies, restaurants, retailers and arts attractions.

Q. Why can't the film series happen year-round?
A. Part of the AEC's long-standing agreement with Carmike was that films would only show for 12 weeks in the fall and 12 weeks in the summer. Our breaks fall during the Blockbuster-heavy holiday and summer seasons. The Back Row Film Series was AEC's solution to filling in the summer gap.

Q. How can I get more involved with the Film Series?
A. We always welcome new members to our planning committee, which meets twice a year. We also welcome your suggestions and feedback at anytime during the year. The best way to support the series is to 1) buy a film card or make a donation to the AEC and 2) attend the films and invite your family, friends and co-workers to come along!

The AEC Independent Film Series is part of AEC's mission to enrich the Chattanooga community through innovative artistic events. If you have additional questions we did not answer, feel free to join the conversation and post them here!

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