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Make your own fuel for less than $1 a gallon

by aec


Join AEC for a screening of the feature length documentary FUEL and a discussion with the director Josh Tickell.

Saturday, June 20
Green|Spaces, 63 East Main Street

6:30 PM Welcome reception
7:00 PM Film screening
9:00 PM Discussion and book signing

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About Josh
Josh Tickell is one of the nation's leading experts on alternative fuels. He grew up in Louisiana where members of his family suffered from diseases linked to pollution from oil refineries. He began to look for alternatives to petroleum in college, when he discovered biodiesel while working on a farm in the former East Germany .

Fascinated, Tickell started to conduct his own research. He translated documents written by the inventor of the diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel, and found that the first diesel engine had been designed to run on vegetable oil, not petroleum.

After the publication of his first book, Tickell enrolled in Florida State University's School of Motion Picture Television and Recording Arts where he earned his MFA in film. His goal: to direct and produce a major theatrical documentary motion picture that both chronicles and is a catalyst in the biodiesel and green energy movement. He had begun shooting footage for the documentary in 1997 during his first Veggie Van trip.

In 2003, Tickell began working full time on the production of the documentary film tentatively titled 'Fields of Fuel.' The feature length High Definition film FUEL was released in 2008. The film features appearances by Woody Harrelson, Larry Hagman, Neil Young and Willie Nelson among other notable celebrities and cultural icons. It has received numerous awards including the AUDIENCE AWARD FOR BEST DOCUMENTARY AT SUNDANCE.

As a precursor to his movie, Tickell release a controversial new book "Biodiesel America - How to Achieve Energy Security, Free America From Middle-East Oil Dependence and Make Money Growing Fuel." The book challenges the status quo of the oil industry, the automakers and the government and offers a complete energy roadmap to wean the US from fossil fuels.

Tickell is widely recognized as the most engaging and inspirational public speaker in his field. He has consulted for companies and organizations such as National Biodiesel Board, Arizona State House of Representatives, Solar Energy International, Quicksilver and Clif Bar. He has spoken at numerous colleges and universities including MIT, Ohio University , Bard College , Vassar College and Colorado College and has presented in including Cuba , Argentina , Burma and Australia . His presentations and books have been attributed with starting multiple biodiesel businesses and laying the foundation for the Australian, Polish and South Pacific biodiesel industries.

His first book inspired one man to convert an entire South Sea island to using only biodiesel fuel for its energy and transportation needs.

Tickell founded the Biodiesel America Organization. In 2005, it was selected by President Bill Clinton to be part of his Global Initiative on Climate Change. Tickell mounted a biodiesel relief effort to aid victims of the hurricanes in Louisiana and Mississippi . His biodiesel-fueled relief ships delivered 20,000 meals, clothing and medical supplies to the hardest-hit areas of the disaster zone.

Tickell has appeared on The Today Show, Dateline NBC, CNN News, The National Geographic Channel and the Discovery Channel, NPR , the Jeff Rense and Jim Hightower radio shows and has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, The Independent (UK), The Smithsonian Magazine, Maxim Magazine and Mother Earth News.

Tickell uses his expert knowledge and powerful communication skills to offer solutions to rising gas prices, global climate change, pollution-related health issues and national energy security.

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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment on this post. It was very insightful. It may also serve as interest to you to know that some of the topics that have been mentioned here I will take to the CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting) being currently held in my country where the issues of climate change as well as alternative forms of energy will greatly discussed at the People Forum

Kevin Castle

Posted by: Free Power at November 27, 2021 8:07 PM

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