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Did You See "Tell No One" at the Bijou?

by aec

Did you see Tell No One at the Bijou Theatre?

AEC wants to know what you think of the films showing in the AEC Independent Film Series at the Bijou. If you see a film, please return to our blog and leave a comment!

You can also give feedback on our Facebook page, or by sending email to Info@ArtsEdCouncil.org.

Don't miss Secret of the Grain this week at the Bijou.

See you at the movies!

| By aec | 10:47 AM


We loved this film! There were so many twists and turns; the suspense kept us on the edge of our seats, paying close attention so that we wouldn't miss the slightest detail. I love it when I'm that involved in a movie! This film was still on my mind days later. It is one of the best I've seen in a movie packed couple of months! Hooray for the Independent Film Series!

Posted by: coughlin cooper at February 20, 2022 6:03 PM

Even though I saw this film a year ago, i remember it well. I, specifically, appreciated the sparing use of music. Jeff Buckley's "Lilac Wine" and U2's "With or Without You" were especially memorable & effective. As I recall, the rest of the film was filled only with the sounds of reality, which--in this case--was the silence of his wife's absence and his desperate, interminable search for her.

Kudos to the AEC for consistently bringing us valuable, worthwhile cinema amid such a mass of blockbuster "blah."

Posted by: spring at January 19, 2022 11:04 PM

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