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Pearl Fryar Was Shear Genius

by aec

AEC kicked off its 2008 Back Row Film Series with A Man Named Pearl, a documentary film about a South Carolina man who reshaped his yard and unexpectedly changed the lives of hundreds of people. The crowd of 150 people enjoyed the opportunity to see the film before its release in major cities and meeting the man himself.

Mr. Fryar addressed the audience after the film, answering questions and speaking about the most important accomplishment in life: positively impacting the lives of others.

Before the film, a crowd gathered on the Tennessee Aquarium plaza to watch as Pearl transformed three small trees into beautifully sculptured topiaries.

See the photos of the demonstration here:

Thanks to everyone who attended. If you missed out, you can see A Man Named Pearl at the Bijou Theatre starting Labor Day weekend, kicking off the AEC's Fall Independent Film Series.

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