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The Return of the Memoir

by aec

A recent USA Today article discusses the return of the memoir. According to the article, more memoirs than ever are being published, outpacing even debut novels.

If you are interested in the craft of memoir writing, or want to someday publish your own, consider attending John Sedgwick's workshop on the topic at the Chattanooga Festival of Writers, March 28-29.

Sedgwick's family memoir, In My Blood: Six Generations of Madness and Desire in an American Family, traces in great detail his famous family's contributions to American politics and society, along with their triumphs and tribulations. Sedgwick's family is one of the most well-documented in American history, and includes Theodore Sedgwick from George Washington's Congress, 19th century novelist Catharine Maria Sedgwick, Warhol groupie Edie Sedgwick and actress Kyra Sedgwick. But the common thread between the six generations is a pattern of mental illness and suicide. (Read a review by the Herald Tribune)

Sedgwick's workshop "The Memoir: Telling Your Story" will be offered twice during the Festival of Writers on Saturday, March 29. He will sign books at 4:30 PM.

For more information or to register visit ArtsEdCouncil.org.

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