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Coming Soon to a theatre near you...

by aec

The AEC kicks off its Spring Independent Film Series at the Bijou Theatre on Friday, February 8, with a tale of greed, desire, murder and class struggle set in contemporary London.

In CASSANDRA'S DREAM, writer/director Woody Allen tells the story of two working class brothers (Ewan McGregor, Colin Farrell) who are desperate to get out of debt and improve their troubled lives. Their rich Uncle Howard (Tom Wilkinson) agrees to help – but for a dangerous price – and their lives become entangled in a sinister situation with intense and unfortunate results.

CASSANDRA'S DREAM will show February 8 - 14, at regular movie showtimes, which the Bijou Theatre will announce on Friday.

Don't miss the first of many mind-opening independent films in the AEC's Spring Series!

Love the Series? Show your support by purchasing a Film Club Card. Proceeds provide the sole revenue for the Series and ensure AEC's ability to bring great films to Chattanooga. (No, the AEC does NOT make money from movie ticket sales.)

Your support makes all the difference - thank you!

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