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Artwork by these local artists to be included in the silent auction:

Alex Agee Photography
Kem Alexander Concrete Sculpture
Elizabeth Allen Painting
Dianne Bruce Painting
Pat Buckley  
Cam Busch Photography
Harriett Chipley Painting
Amy Clyde Photography
Jim Collins  
Thomas Cory Photography
Cessna Decosimo Sculpture
Elizabeth Rogers Decosimo Sculpture
Tom Farnam Painting
Valerie Fleming Photography
Melissa Hefferlin Painting
John Henry Sculpture
Prentice Hicks Sculpture
Michael Holsomback Mixed Media/Painting
Ignis Glass Studio Glass
Mary Britten Lynch Painting
Katie Meyer Painting
Jas Milan Painting
Allison Mills Photography
Judith Mogul Painting/Collage
Charlie Newton Charcoal Drawing
Iantha Newton Painting
Ann Nichols Painting
Lisa Norris  
Judith Paul Mixed Media
Dana Shavin Painting
Bryan Sloan Strickland Sculpture
Lane Brown Taylor Photography
Daryl Thetford Photography
Stan Townsend Sculpture
Linda Voychehovski Photography
Virginia Webb  
Steve West Photography
Cornel Wilde  
Mark Wood Photography
Bob Wright Pollaroid Collage


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