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AEC Independent Film Series: Spring 2005

Demographical information on our audiences helps to improve and expand the Film Series and other AEC programs. Thank you for taking the time to provide this important information!

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Which Fall 2004 films did you attend?
Being Julia
The Assassination of Richard Nixon
Vera Drake
Notre Musique
Enduring Love
Red Lights
The Sea Inside
Lightning in a Bottle
Bright Leaves
Imaginary Heroes
Did you purchase a 2005 Film Club Card?

If so, how many times did you use the discount card?

Where did you use your AEC Film Club Card?
Bijou or Wynnsong Theatres
Big River Grille
212 Market

Wild Hare Books

Clear Spring Yoga
Mia Cucina

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How do you find out about weekly films?
Film Brochure
AEC web site
Carmike/Bijou web site
Local newspaper listings
AEC weekly film emails
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