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As part of the Chattanooga Festival of Writers, guest authors will work with Hamilton County public schools through Classroom Residencies and a Creative Writing Workshop for teachers.  

Classroom Residencies
Writers will visit eleventh-grade English classes. Students will receive a copy of the the author's work in advance.

Participating writers:
Richard Bausch, Clif Cleaveland, Suzette Francis, Marilyn Kallet, and Robert Morgan

Creative Writing Workshop

Open to Hamilton County Teachers, Grades 5-12
March 30, 2022 from 8 AM to 2 PM

This workshop will focus on
• Current obstacles facing teachers
• Finding tone or voice
• Refining word choice
• Generating, focusing & organizing ideas

Participating writers:
Richard Bausch, Suzette Francis, Robert Morgan, and Wyatt Prunty

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Special thanks to Allied Arts of Greater Chattanooga and the Tennessee Arts Commission for making these outreach programs possible.

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