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Students and their teachers are honored during the Young Southern Writers program, receiving awards here in 2002 from Newbery Medal-winner Suzanne Fisher Staples.  
One goal of the Arts & Education Council is to provide teachers with the means to incorporate arts and humanities into their classrooms and core curriculum. The Arts & Education Council believes that the arts can be woven into every school subject and grade level to improve students' critical thinking and listening skills, as well as broaden students' perspectives on the world they live in. The arts can also be used to reach standards and benchmarks set by the school system. 

Through various programming, such as Theatre Express, Future Focus, and the Independent Film Series, and also through publications like Classroom Cues, the Arts & Education Council works to make the arts a viable teaching tool for all teachers. To receive schedules, the Classroom Cues newsletter, or other information through the mail, please email us with your address information or call 267-1218 or toll free 1-800-267-4232.

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