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 2002 / 2003


The Secret Garden 

May 9, 2021
10 AM & 12 PM

Set at the beginning of the 20th Century in Yorkshire, England, this classic tale begins with Mary Lennox, a 10-year-old who was orphaned when her parents died in a cholera epidemic. A sallow, disagreeable child, she arrives from India to live with her uncle, Archilbald Craven, at his isolated mansion in the Yorkshire moors. Although she is ignored by her unhappy uncle, Mary finds kindness in the housemaid Martha, Martha's brother Dicken, and her mysterious, invalid cousin, Colin. Mary becomes fascinated with the story of a secret, walled garden, locked up for years after the death of her uncle's wife. When she finally discovers the key to the garden, she finds it totally dead, or so it seems. But Dicken tells her that it may be alive, or "wick," after all. Together, they work in the garden in order to bring it back to life, and in the process, other people are moved to change as well. (Recommended for grades K-middle.)


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